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July 4th-2005
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A History Lesson: Before you go any further, I think that you need to know the history of Lobsterville - how it came to be and what it is all about.

A number of years ago, just after my husband and I got married, I decided to spice up our morning trip to work. Living in a rural area with not much to occupy our short drive to our respective offices, my mind wandered and I have a very active imagination. So................. Looking down the County Road one morning, I discovered that I would "see" a small town inhabited by a colorful menagerie of crustaceans (yes, my weakness for lobsters predated this experience by many years). As time progressed, I discovered that the name of the town was Lobsterville and it was quite the active community. We met Johnny Big Claw, a long time resident whom everyone respected (even though he lost the pumpkin carving contest - see issue two). We met Klaw Kringle who battled to a tie in the Christmas tree decorating contest (also in issue two).

We learned that the lobsters enjoy BBQs, their favorite food being finger steaks, which may answer the question as to why people in Maine don't keep lobsters as pets. We watched beach volley ball, which required an enormous number of balls since claws raise havoc on items that can be punctured.

We learned that lobsters like to sleep in, go visit relatives in Halifax, (this story has yet to be published) appreciate the success of some of their human friends, and enjoy a good Easter Egg hunt.

However, it was also pointed out to me that, without a proper newspaper, the general public (my family) could not keep up on all the happenings in Lobsterville. Out of this observation came The Lowdown in Lobsterville. Originally written for my family (all four members), my son picked up on the paper and decided that it must be given a larger audience. Which brings us to here.

The saga continues - as does my imagination. If, at this point, you are thinking to yourself - "I can relate" - then continue. If you are thinking - "This women needs a life" - well, keep reading anyways. You might get a chuckle when you least expect it.

Check back every couple of weeks. Up to date, we have been a monthly paper but serious consideration is being given to becoming a biweekly publication.

So, with no further fanfare................. Checkout the Past Issues!

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